Curling Iron- Best Ways To Use It With Brush Sleeve

Curling hair by the help of iron curl is really easy, but if you want to use the brush sleeve with it, then it can become a little bit complicated for you. In this article, you will come to know about different ways to use a curling iron with a brush sleeve. It will help in curling your hair easily without any issues at all, and also it can work like a multitasking tool.

If you stay until the end, then you can easily come to curl hair with a curling iron brush as there is nothing like complication. There are many benefits to it, like it can add volume to your hair, and also it will be going to make it much smoother than you can expect. The one thing that you need to do is set the tool to the higher power because a sleeve brush requires that thing.

Different ways to use the tool with the sleeve brush

There are plenty of ways, and all of them might be important to you, so make sure that you are paying attention on all of them. Also, there are some basics too, like the tool can be hot, so you must make sure of one thing that is always wear gloves while performing curls.

Here are essential steps you should follow.

Begin 1 inch away- You should begin curling the hair from 1 foot away from the roots, or we can say the scalp as it is the right way in which you can do it safely without harming any strand or the scalp.

Oiling- You should do some oiling before using the tool because it helps in untangling the hair so that you can curl them properly.

Divide your hair- Create some sections by which you can easily come to curl up the hair without any issues. In addition, if you do not want every strand to be curled then you can go for this way.

curling hair

Insert wide-tooth comb- There is a wide-tooth comb that you must use, as it will help in smoothening up the tangles so that you can have the perfect curl.

These are some of the ways, which you can use the curl tool with the sleeve brush. You should follow all of them by which you will come to get a smooth curl.