The Ute Theatre is the friendly, supportive voice encouraging you to put a little extra effort into your look when getting dressed, and the wing woman helping you interact with other people with style and grace. She sounds an awful lot like the person who loves you, the person you’re crazy about, or the co-worker you’re desperately trying to hide your crush on at the office.

Bottom line? Great style doesn’t end with the clothes in your closet. A jerk in a great suit is still…well, just a jerk.


We’re here to make living with style easier through daily tips online, and even with on-demand shopping help. So you can start feeling like a million bucks, fast.


In 2014, Adele Bullock started The Ute Theatre as a favor to a friend.

He had recently launched a custom suiting company and wanted her to create a blog for the website. She said yes, but only after mentioning her lack of men’s fashion credentials.

Unfazed, he told her, “Just write about what you like to see guys wearing…and tell them to wear suits more often!’

That, Adele decided, she could do. Turns out, plenty of guys were looking to pull back the curtain on the style secrets to a woman’s heart (hint: a good fit is king).

Since then, The Ute Theatre has become a go-to destination for guys around the globe seeking not just fashion advice, but lifestyle shortcuts—all from a friendly, female perspective.

Today, we’ve got a team of awesome women with unique voices who all share one mission—to help guys look and feel like a million bucks.

Bottom line?

We don’t carry clothes, and we don’t sell them to you. Instead, our team acts as your own (digital) personal shopper, pulling products from all over the internet and suggesting ways you could incorporate them into your wardrobe if you decide to buy them for yourself. This way, we’re able to offer way more variety than what those other shopping services can…and you wind up with a wardrobe that’s truly just for you.