3 Cute Medium-Length Haircuts for Curly Hair

Curly hairs are elegant, adaptable, and super attractive. Compared with straight hair, it is more versatile for styling. Medium length haircuts for curly hair are usually the best option. Mainly because it looks pretty and easy to maintain. If you are confused about which hairstyle you should choose for your medium-length curly hair. Here are 3 cute medium-length haircuts for curly hair.

3 Cute Medium-Length Haircuts for Curly Hairs

Medium-Length Haircuts

Curly shag

Do you wish to rock ‘n’ roll like you’re in the 70s? Shag cut is one of the classiest hairstyles. It adds volume and texture to the hair while taking out some of its weight. This cut is very versatile and suitable for all hair types. It is one of the best choices for round-faced people as it balances out the curves of the face. Although the layers are less visible on curly hair than on
straight or wavy hair, there is more bounciness in curls.

Curly ponytail

Ponytails are cute, comfortable, classic, and usually easy to make. A high ponytail looks fun and casual, while a low ponytail looks classic and formal. Blow-drying the hair before making the ponytail helps to emphasize the curls. You can use a hair bungee instead of a regular hair elastic to make it easier. Besides, one should be mindful not to make the ponytail too tight as it pulls
on the nerves around the head and face, resulting in headaches and migraines.

Shoulder-length curly bob

Bob cuts are aesthetic, versatile, and easy to make and maintain. If you have thin hair and want to make it look thick, a bob cut is a way to go. The shoulder-length curly bob is a great choice for all face types. It enhances your natural curls but makes you look professional at the same time. It is suitable for various occasions, formal or informal. To add more texture, shorter layers can be worked into the bob. The bob cut and the layers keep the hair from having a boxy or triangular shape. Another big advantage of this style is that you can also turn the bob into a ponytail.